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Serving a Community in Need

Social and Jewish values at Shutaf

madatsim chocolate makingIt’s not easy being different – for children, for teens and their families. Shutaf programs provide a place of acceptance for all participants – where they can feel connected as a community while developing a sense of self-esteem and empowerment, necessary skills for being an active and compassionate citizen of a more inclusive world.

Miriam and Beth, Shutaf’s founders, draw from their years at American Jewish camps as a well-spring for developing a program based on Jewish values, ethics and educational goals. American Jewish camping is synonymous with quality in the camping world, offering educational opportunities for each participant in an environment that is steeped in Jewish identity and values.

Shutaf is pluralistic, including participants from both religious and secular homes, something that is rarely done in Jerusalem, a place where programs and children are separated  both by religious custom and practice.

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 Shutaf’s Population

chokrim 1Shutaf’s target population of children and teens with special needs is under-served by government agencies and local social services – many lack traditional developmental labels; their families struggle to find appropriate after-school activities and programs that answer their children’s needs.

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