After-School Youth Groups


animal chugShutaf’s after-school youth group offers continued learning, growing and friendship-building opportunities for kids and teens. Teens will also focus on self-identity, empowerment, social and independent living skills through carefully chosen group activities.

Social Change at work at Shutaf. Our programs provide a place of inclusion and acceptance in a world where children and teens with special needs often feel marginalized from the rest of society.

How can a camp and after-school program create social change?

Informal-education programs such as Shutaf offer rare opportunities for kids and teens of all sorts to get to know each other. Enjoying each other’s differences and having fun together – the Shutaf way.

See how kids and teens benefit from Shutaf programs!

Year-Long After School Programming

chason jacobsPlay dates after school and social gatherings are what make after school enjoyable for most kids. In Shutaf’s Afterschool Program, children will gather twice a week for youth group meetings held at Kehilat Mevakshei Derech in Jerusalem.

The program, which is based on the same inclusive principles of all Shutaf activities is therapeutic and fun for kids and teens, ages 6-21. The youth group runs from 1:45pm-5:00pm.


Older teens, ages 14-25, can take part in evening, after school activities through our Young Leadership Training program.


Scholarships are available on several levels. Continue to Registration!


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