Donor Testimonials

naomi and jay berger

“Monthly giving is a way to show our ongoing commitment to Shutaf. It’s also easy… Shutaf celebrates individuals for who they are, not what they’re not. What a wonderful way to view our fellow human beings… If creating this type of [inclusive] environment [at Shutaf] leads to a fuller and richer life for all participants, then I want to support it as fully and completely as I can, and I urge others to do the same.”

Jay and Naomi Berger


Naomi Eisenberger“People inspire me. It’s very subjective. I can see something and have an immediate response… Shutaf? It was a no brainer. If it’s an area where we need to have more exposure or where the needs are great…I try and see if we can make it work – because we should.  I look forward to that day when GPF can look proudly at Shutaf and say, GPF was with you from the beginning.”

Naomi Eisenberger, Good People Fund