Inclusion Workshops

Accelerating Inclusion- Collaborating Together for Meaningful Social Engagement

In our richly diverse community, everyone matters. All people, with and without disabilities, have the right to be contributing and accepted members of society, regardless of religious, cultural, and social differences. Shutaf Inclusion-Accelerator Workshops will help you build the reflective skills needed to make your world a more inclusive one.



Inclusion Workshop

A collection of interactive sessions, choose one or all three, that facilitate a personal exploration of disability issues while developing a communal ethos of acceptance and inclusion.

Staff Training 

Let’s work together and create a work culture that welcomes difference and embraces diversity.

Lunch & Learn 

A learning lunch, with opportunity for text study, with an engaging presentation for your whole staff, regardless of their professional backgrounds.


Workshop Topics:

Exploring and Reflecting “Identifying Personal Assumptions”

This hands-on, interactive workshop will help you explore personal and communal feelings, attitudes, and fears about people who have disabilities.

The Language of Inclusion “Creating a New Mindset”

This workshop will focus on the power of learning and using inclusive language. Create greater comfort and understanding for personal experiences with people who have disabilities, and considering their needs within your community.

Access and Inclusion “The Path to Inclusive Practices”

Unpack your inclusion “toolbox.” Discover useful ideas and tools for first steps towards successful organizational inclusion and social change – at work, at home, and in the greater community.


Workshops are for Everyone:

  • Corporations, small and larger-sized business
  • Educators at all levels of professional development
  • Professional development days for varied fields
  • Medical professionals
  • University students in all areas of study
  • Mechinot, gap-year programs, soldiers at all levels of service


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