Shutaf’s Pikadon Project 


The Pikadon Project is new Shutaf pilot, part of our 3x weekly Inclusive Young Leadership Program. Young people, ages 14-23, are mentored and supported as they develop social and vocational skills, part of preparing for successful, independent adult lives within the greater community.

The Pikadon (“Deposit” in Hebrew) Project brings together community partners such as the Ginot Ha’ir Community Center, and other local organizations who care about environmental issues. In Israel, the public can redeem deposit bottles in the supermarkets but few make the effort. Most throw out bottles into the general trash, or in some cases, leave them near the garbage where individuals collect and redeem them, pocketing the deposit money.

Shutaf participants will build and distribute clearly-marked collection boxes in local community centers, partnering schools and restaurants. The bottles collected will be gathered on a regular basis, then sorted and redeemed. The funds collected will be used for part of Shutaf’s Managing My Finances education unit. During this unit, each participant receives spending money – nis100 or $25 – which they can use according to their own discretion with the knowledge that part of their private funds can also be contributed to a shared communal purpose, decided upon by the larger participant group.

The Pikadon Project creates new vocational opportunities for teens and young adults with disabilities, while developing a greater awareness of environmental issues and the power to be part of a social-action, community project.