Innovative Inclusion Model


Shutaf programs are designed for the diverse needs of children with disabilities, including ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities and general developmental delays, while still being a program that can be enjoyed by their peers who don’t have disabilities.

Shutaf’s reverse inclusion model brings together a majority group of children with disabilities (75%) with a minority group of children (25%) who have no disabilities. Children and teens without disabilities come as full program participants, not as helpers. While some participants have siblings with disabilities, many with no connection to disability issues before attending Shutaf.

Shutaf camps

shutaf heartPassover camp. For campers ages 6-13, teens and young adults, ages 14-25.Find Out More

 shutaf heartAugust camp. For campers ages 6-13, teens and young adults, ages 14-25.Find Out More

Young Leadership for teens and young adults

Shutaf mentors and supports teens and young adults with disabilities, ages 14-25, helping them develop inter-personally, while learning needed social/vocational skills for successful adulthood in the greater community. Find Out More

After-school youth groups

Shutaf’s after-school youth groups offer continued learning, growing and friendship-building opportunities for children and teens. Find Out More


Want a successful answer to your community’s informal education needs? Shutaf’s replicable, educational model works. Use our methodology for your youth programs – for children and teens. Consider our reverse inclusion model for your synagogue or community center’s day camp program. We’d love to help you get started with your own inclusion program. Think of what we can do together!

For more information contact Elizabeth Corlin, Shutaf’s Director of Educational Partnerships.