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madatsimShutaf mentors and supports teens and young adults with disabilities, helping them develop interpersonally, while learning needed social and vocational skills for successful adulthood in the greater community. In the fall of 2015, the program was expanded to three evenings a week, offering a range of activities over the course of the year for up to 40 young people with and without disabilities.



Evening activities include meal planning and cooking, social skills, vocational training, speciality workshop topics such as sex education, drug and alcohol awareness, life-coaching, self-defense and personal safety, handyman skills, sports, community volunteering,.


  • Evening 1: A supervised social gathering, includes a community dinner, planned and prepared by Shutaf participants
  • Evening 2: Focuses on personal coaching and self-development, implementing holistic therapeutic technique, facilitated by a social work professional
  • Evening 3: A vocational education junior counselor training track as well as two additional tracks based on personal interest and developmental readiness, with activities geared to each group’s


Specialty Educational Units

karoke chokrimDrug and Alcohol Awareness and Safety: A groundbreaking unit for young people, with and without disabilities, planned with the Jerusalem Anti-Drug Association, offering real-life tools for understanding the impact of drugs and alcohol.

Sexual Education, Dating and Gender Issues: An open and honest unit, facilitated by trained educators, offering practical knowledge for young people, with and without disabilities, so they can move forward as sexually aware and safe adults.

Junior Counselor Training and Vocational Experience: Inclusive, vocational opportunities for teens and young adults, with and without disabilities. Participants are trained as camp staffers in a mentored and accepting work environment.

Personal Coaching and Self-Development: For Shutaf’s oldest participants, this year-long program is planned and mentored by an experienced social-work professional with a background in holistic therapeutic techniques and personal development.




Scholarships are available on several levels.

For more information and registration please contact Yoni: 0524371593,


Also, see Shutaf vacation camps, for Pesach, Hanukah and Summer programming.


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